Meet The coaches

We are your body composition experts! We specialize in using good training and nutrition to help you turn your body into the best version of itself!

Coach Shaz

Shaz is the She-Hulk of women’s empowerment when it comes to breaking barriers. This supermom juggles being the Queen of Fitpro Empire and also a family while keeping her bodacious body. Her philosophy of having a family is that it is definitely a challenge but it’s not a reason you shouldn’t fight for your dreams. She has first-hand experience in pre and post partum training, coupled with her certified status, makes her the expert in this field of fitness in Kota Kinabalu. Ever energetic, you can expect an enthusiastic person who is at the top of her game and someone you can count on and she will push you to your limits!

Coach Bon

Has been an ACE Certified coach since 2013 and specializes in training and educating people on weight management. He has experience in training population with special physical limitations such as the elderly and certain kinds of medical condition. Big guy, big heart and an even bigger smile. He’s also the elder brother you wish you had. Always professional, he is still able to get you at ease with a laugh and a word of encouragement. He brings more than 6 years of experience in fitness coaching and medical training to each and every client. Whether it is being understanding and compassionate to your plight or being stern and hardnosed when he is training you, he brings it 100 percent.

Coffee lover. Board game nerd. Old skool baller.

Coach Brian

A Certified Nutritionist from Fitness Excellent Fitness Mentor Programme, has 6 years of experience in bodybuilding and strength development as well as competed in bodybuilding for Mr Sabah for the Junior category in 2015. Catch of the bunch. This high-school heartthrob promises fine charm and grace in training his clients, you will fall head over heels in love with fitness. With his strength and hunky biceps, he’ll make sure you get your posture and physique in check in no time. The nutritionist of the pride, he will make sure your main course nourishes you enough for a hardcore workout that will train your range of motion and biomechanics. He pushes, educates and helps everyone in need to grow, regardless of their fitness level.

Cat lover. Heavy lifter. An absolute icon.

Coach Aquila

Certified PFRC-UMS Personal Trainer since 2018 and graduated from University Malaysia Sabah with a Bachelors of Sports Science (Honours). Trained intellectually disabled population under Special Olympics for 2 years in UMS as well as designing interventions for knee osteoarthritis and white coat hypertension. Aspiring Crossfit athlete and explosive workout expert, Aquila is known to kill her clients with her body-aching and plyometric-based exercises. Also known as Coach Qill, because her workouts might as well kill every sense in your body, she promises results and pushes you over the edge. The highest record to cause clients to puke, she envelops the spice in ‘Sugar and Spice’ and clients have a love and hate relationship with her. An aspiring nutritionist, she believes food can either spread diseases or heal the world. She’s a professional napper, Ariana Grande lover and married to carbs.


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We train hard from Monday to Saturday, starting bright and early with a cup of lightly creamed coffee. We prefer a ring, but feel free to email us for good measure.

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