LBD has not only encouraged me to be more active in my daily life, but also more discpilined to onclude exercise even on busy workdays.

After joining LBD, I learned that both exercise and nutrition are key to losing weight. The coaches have been very helpful in helping me with my food consumption.

I feel more positive and energetic after joining LBD. I am still losing weight slowly, but surely on my way to achieve my target.


Let’s Balas Dendam Bootcamp

Dane Kovacs

Initially it was very challenging for me to get started and push through the pain as I was quite unfit. However within only a very short time I have noticed some significant changes. I have more energy, more focus, more motivation and feel a lot healthier overall. I have started to see the results of my hard work which is giving me the confidence to continue on the path of maintaining healthier lifestyle.

Before I started the program I was in desperate need of a drastic life change. I had become very unfit as stress and a constant busy schedule which had caused me to neglect proper exercise for a couple of years. I was in a bad cycle of depression. Always tired and struggling with motivation to do the most basic of tasks. However, the FITPRO one-on-one coaching gave me the drive I needed to turn things around and start taking better care of myself. After only one or two weeks I found myself actually beginning to enjoy working out. My energy rapidly improved and I was able to start getting back on track with my goals and projects.

My coach Brian and the staff at FITPRO have given me the motivation and encouragement I needed to both get started and continue pushing towards my goals. The program has helped develop a better understanding of how to workout with intention and achieve my desired results. It has given me the tools and training that I needed to continue on a path of healthy living and helped me to regain confidence and a more positive body image.

11 Months since October 2018.

Most definitely. We get to spend quality time together and we usually have dinner just the two of us. This definitely allows Ilhan to talk freely with me which I love cause honestly, what teenage boy wants to hang with his mom.

The Coaches are great. I like that they change up the program and I enjoy training with different coaches to see what their specialties are and of course, the environment of the gym. Goal oriented. Ever changing. Fun.

Considering we both do not like sports and we have different hobbies, this has been great. Well, for one I get to see him build his confidence and perhaps he has noticed that even though I am old and his mom, I am not a quitter and I am Strong. The training has made him stronger and he is improving on his coordination too.

Noor & ilhan

Mom & Son

Lau Hui Shan

Lean & Mean Programme

I have been training with FITRPO since October 2018.

Yes! I am now more discipline and aware on my workout schedule and diet.

My inspiration has been to reach a healthy targeted weight.

Inspiring coach in guiding and motivating along the way for both dieting and tailored workout routine.

Types of workout varies and that makes client do not get bored and able to try new workout.

It is the positive vibes from all the fun filled coaches including Farina that always help us to take pretty photos that makes everyone feel like a big family that motivates each other towards a healthy and balance lifestyle.

2 Months since July 2019.

Attentive. Genuinely care for their customers. Flexible.

The fact that I am more energetic and have self control inspired me to continue with this weight loss journey with FitPro.

A lot. In just few weeks with FitPro I have become less tired and do not feel hungry all the time anymore. Hence, more energy to catch up with my active toddlers and sleep better.

Andrea Agustin

Group Personalized Training Program


Let’s Balas Dendam Bootcamp

I felt like being at a healthy weight is achievable.

I am more aware of what foods I need to eat less of to continue having healthy weight loss progress. Also the workouts taught are doable anywhere, even at home. I believe this is important fore the long-run.

I am still steadily losing weight even after the program has ended. I have lost about an additional 2kg since then.

I feel more muscular and lean, which I am in love with. My fat percentage consistently decreased too when I stepped on the weighing scale every time.

I want to be consistent and continue to lose wight and get my body firmer and stronger than ever. I still have a long way to go and I want to burn more fat as my weight-loss journey tends to be a rollercoaster.

For me, I was really into the Muay Thai and boxing classes. While simultaneously losing weight, I am also learning how to defend myself from dangerous situations. Barbell-based exercises as exciting for me. I noticed it leaned in my body and I’ve never felt stronger. I must confess I am really weak with controlling my food intake but I’m happy that I at least balance it out with consistent exercise and being active.


Let’s Balas Dendam Bootcamp

Felysia @ Fify

Lean & Mean Program

To be honest, there’s a lot of positive outcomes I have implemented in my lifestyle ever since I joined FitPro. At times I was dealing with life’s unexpected hardships, the coaches would give guide me through, I want to thank Coach Shaz especially. At first, my goal was to lose 10kg, but what I have achieved outweighs what I thought I wanted. I became more positive and more confident with myself. They do not only tereat me as a plain customer but also treated me like I was family. My experience during training really made a positive shift in my life. I want to thank FitPro. I owe them big time. I realized that my body and my mental strength became stronger each day. Growing up, society made me believe that in order to be happy and beautiful, you need to be skinny, but Coach Shaz’s principles are different than any other coaches that I have known. Instead, she focuses on both which are mental strength and body positivity. The main impact that FitPro has taught me is to keep on being consistent in my journey to be healthy and also be mindful of my mental health as well.


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